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We handle all aspects of commercial heating and ventilation. Feel free to ring our team today or use the contact form below to organise a quote.

The installation of modern heating and ventilation systems is an excellent way to upgrade your home and improve its energy efficiency. Our skilled team will provide everything from the installation of the latest systems to ongoing maintenance or repair services.

Electrical heating

Electric heating is quick and simple to install and is therefore a popular option for many modern homes. There is no need to fit boilers, tanks and pipes; all that is required is an electrical power source, saving you space. The radiators can be fitted quickly with minimal disruption to your home.

Storage heating

Our electricians expertise lie within the installation of all types of storage heaters. Modern storage heaters are much more efficient and reliable than older designs, providing fully programmable scheduling, weather updates and auto charging to make them much cheaper to run. Our aim is to provide all our clients with a safe, cost-effective heating solution that meets all their needs.

Underfloor heating

We have the ability to fit underfloor heating beneath tiled, stone, wooden and even carpeted floors, as an alternative to wall fitted radiators. Our skilled engineers will assess the unique layout of your home to determine the best type of underfloor heating system for you. The team will then install electrical wires or heating mats beneath your floors at your convenience.

Extractor fans

An efficient extractor fan will improve the ventilation of your home, to create a comfortable, more healthier environment. Whether you need a bathroom fan to remove excess moisture and limit mould growth, or a kitchen fan to remove smoke and fumes, our knowledgeable electricians can help.

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We handle all aspects of commercial heating and ventilation installation. Find out what we can do for you today.