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M&S Electrical Solar PV Installation

There’s never been a better time to benefit from the installation of solar panels for your home. The latest solar PV technology means today’s solar panels are extremely efficient, passing you the benefit of reduced energy costs and lowering your carbon footprint. Even more, homes with solar PV installed are a desirable asset, improving your home’s value should you ever seek to sell.

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Will my property be suitable for Solar PV installation?

  • Roof Orientation and Tilt:
    • Orientation: The ideal roof orientation for solar panels is south-facing, as it receives the most sunlight throughout the day. However, roofs facing east or west can also be suitable. North-facing roofs are generally less effective for solar energy generation, but still worth exploring options.
    • Tilt: Typically the optimal tilt angle for solar panels is typically around 30-40 degrees, but with the latest in solar PV technology, all types of roof tilts are now more viable.
  • Roof Space:
    • Ensuring enough roof space is available to accommodate the solar panels is essential and something we can consult with you about. Shade-free areas are obviously crucial to maximise energy production from the solar panels.
  • Roof Condition:
    • Your roof will need to be in good condition to support the weight of solar panels, (which isn’t a huge load) and withstand the installation process. Again, we can assess this quite easily. If we find roof repairs updates are required, it’s advisable to address them before installing solar panels.

Is planning permission required before solar PV installation?

In general, solar panel installation is encouraged due to a greater awareness of reducing carbon usage. As such solar PV install is considered a permitted project. We advise checking with your local authority for your own peace of mind.

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